Foreign bank accounts

Our company offers services for opening of corporate (foreign companies, offshores) and personal accounts at different foreign banks. The banks provide means for setup of various types of bank accounts that can be divided into payment and savings accounts.

The payment accounts are used for daily operations and convenient for a large number of transactions. The savings accounts are suited to keeping short-term or long-term assets: deposits, investment accounts (private banking).

We do not charge you for setup of a corporate account at a Cyprus bank if you order a Cyprus company.

European banks

CountryBank Fees (bank rates are paid separately) Time for setup Comments
Latvia ABLV Bank

Norvik Banka

RIB Bank 

Latvijas Pasta Banka

Rietumu Banka
 300 euro 2-3 weeks Latvian banks remain to be the most popular ones for the clients to arrange international banking: current accounts, payment cards, all types of bank services.
The accounts can be established for companies of different jurisdictions, including offshores. Opportunity for internet trading, work on Forex and global stock markets. 
Cyprus Bank of Cyprus

Hellenic Bank
Free of charge (on promo)

400 euro
4-5 weeks Various types of accounts for companies registered in different jurisdictions (including offshores).
Estonia Versobank AS
500 euro from 4 weeks Accounts may be opened for companies from various jurisdictions except 'classic' offshore companies.
Switzerland C.I.M. Bank 700 euro 4 weeks Banks of high reliability with particular focus on medium and large sized businesses.
Banks of Austria, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg open accounts under condition of placing an investment starting from EUR 100,000.

Austria Meinl Bank 700 euro
LGT Bank
1500 euro
Liechtenstein Valartis Bank
700 euro
Luxembourg ABLV Bank Luxembourg S.A.
500 euro
Banque de Luxembourg
1500 euro
The Czech Republic


At request from 2500 euro 1-5 weeks depending on bank All documents presented to the Bank must be translated into the official laguage of the Bank. In most cases an authorized signatory is required to visit the Bank's office personally. Accounts may be opened for companies from 'classic' offshore jurisdictions. 

Offshore banks

Seychelles Al Salam Bank 500 $ from 3 weeks Accounts can be opened for companies of different jurisdictions, including offshores. Minimum balance requirements exist.
Saint Lucia Hermes Bank 500 $ 2-3 weeks An offshore bank. Payroll card programs for corporate clients are available.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Loyal Bank
500 $ 2-3 weeks An offshore bank. A bank reference and brief business plan are required. Payroll card programs for corporate clients are available. 

Banks in other jurisdictions

Hong Kong HSBC Bank

1000 $ 3-5 weeks For Hong Kong resident companies ordered with us.
        Personal visit of a representative, directors and shareholders of the company is required. Business plan of the company and business proof is necessary. Personal meeting with a bank manager and interview in English is required, services of an interpreter are unacceptable. A bank account will not be opened if the interview in English with the bank manager is impossible.
A company must have a real office in Hong Kong.
Singapore At request 6000 $ 3-5 weeks Opening of bank accounts for 'classic' offshore companies is available. A company's structure requires a director and a shareholder resident in Singapore.

Account opening:
foreign banks will conduct due diligence and Know Your Client. In this regard, all banks require identifying actual (beneficial) owner of the company, and description of the business. If client fails to comply with such conditions, the bank will not accept this client.

All banks allow card accounts, management of the account via fax or the Internet, and other standard bank services. For more detailed information on bank accounts, required documents and procedure of opening, please contact our experts.

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