Shelf companies

The below listed companies are kept at our office in Riga or at the office of one of our partners. In order to observe our clients’ interests, we do not publish the complete names of the shelf companies. Please contact our staff to enquire the detailed list.

British Virgin Islands Azur******************eam Ltd. 28.04.2015 Riga
Canada TERR**************ANCE LLP Riga In process
Canada PRIM***************NION LLP Riga In process
Seychelles MAGN**************SES LTD. 10.10.2016 Victoria
Seychelles FINO*********************CES LTD. 10.10.2016 Victoria
United Kingdom ADVA***********IANCE LP Riga In process
United Kingdom RENO*************SIONS LP Riga In process
United Kingdom AMEN*********LDING LP Riga In process
United Kingdom FEDE*************RISES LP Riga In process
United Kingdom NEST********MERCE LP Riga In process
United Kingdom UNIP**********OJECT LP 22.09.2016 Riga
United Kingdom MARI***********RSEAS LP 22.09.2016 Riga
PanamaInformation is provided at request
BelizeInformation is provided at request
CyprusInformation is provided at request
Hong KongInformation is provided at request
Aged companies Aged companies registered more than a year ago with no previous business activity are available. Information is provided at request.

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