Without nominee services
With nominee services
Incorporation / shelf company:
Registered office address for 1 year
Corporate seal
Sending of documents (from the jurisdiction and from nominee director)
Nominee services:
a) director (non-resident of the UK), power of attorney with Apostille, corporate shareholder;
b) nominee partners, power of attorney with Apostille.
Total cost
EUR 750
EUR 1250
If corporate documents are certified by a solicitor
 EUR 850
EUR 1350
If corporate documents are certified by a solicitor and Apostille
EUR 1150
EUR 1450
Annual maintenance
EUR 800
EUR 1100

* Extra payment for quick registration of a Scottish Limited Partnership (extra state fee is included) – EUR 150.

Accounts, accounting records

Zero accounting (dormant accounts & nil tax return)
Tax return
EUR 200
Tax return for 1 partner in LLP, LP
EUR 100
Registration of 1 partner in LLP, LP in HMRC (self-assessment)
EUR 100
VAT registration in HMRC and VAT return preparation
upon request
Maintaining accounting records
upon request
We provide the accounting services through our own accounting department without involvement of intermediaries.

Additional services

"Business address" - reception of correspondence from any senders
(registered office address serves for receiving correspondence only from Companies House and HMRC)
EUR 400 for 1 year
+ sending of documents
Virtual office in the UK:
- local telephone number,
- reception of phone calls by a secretary,
- forwarding information about a phone call to client’s email,   
- telephone redirection to any number (to be paid separately: communication provider’s tariff + 20%).
The minimal term of prepayment for this service is 12 months.
EUR 80 per month
Certificate of Good Standing
EUR 150
Apostille / urgent apostille (3 working days)
EUR 200 / EUR 400
EORI number
EUR 200
Liquidation of a company (voluntary strike off)
EUR 500
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