Uniwide Corporate Services Limited is an international corporate service provider. We provide a wide range of services for incorporation, administration, legal and accounting services of companies in Latvia, in offshore and low-tax jurisdictions and in other countries and offer professional advice on international tax planning matters.

Seychelles sourced income: official guidance

Company formation in the Seychelles

Formation of international business companies (IBC) in the Seychelles.

Registration of private foundations. Establishing and management of international trusts.

United Kingdom

Administration of United Kingdom companies

Registration and administration of UK companies. Also accounting services.

Formation and maintenance of English LLPs and Scottish LPs.


Company registration in Latvia

Incorporation and administration of Latvian companies.

"Virtual office" in Latvia: Postal and secretarial maintenance of companies.

Offshore company formation

Incorporation of offshore and other companies

Incorporation and administration of companies in popular offshore jurisdictions: Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Panama and others.

Incorporation of companies in low-tax jurisdictions and Europe: Cyprus, Hong Kong and others.

Sale of shelf (ready-made) offshore companies.

Taxes and Accounting for offshore company

Accounting for companies

Accounting services for companies registered in Latvia, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Hong Kong, other countries and offshore jurisdictions.

Assistance in preparing management accounts, financial statements and tax returns for companies from various jurisdictions. Audit support: Engagement of a licensed auditor.

Bank account

Bank accounts

Help in opening corporate and personal bank accounts in various jurisdictions: Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Hong Kong and offshore banks.

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