CIM Bank, Switzerland

HistoryA private Swiss bank and a member of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA). Founded in 1990 as Unibank (Suisse) SA, it was renamed CIM Bank in 1993.
Account TypesPersonal and corporate (all accounts are multi-currency). The bank does not open accounts for “classic” offshore companies.
Account Opening Cost (bank rate)The bank charges the following fees for account opening:
  • 150 CHF (account opening fee); 
  • 100 CHF (internet banking connection fee).
The amount of the first transfer to open a company account must be at least 10,000 EUR/USD/CHF. Once the account is opened, the Client can use these funds (the Bank will automatically deduct all necessary fees from this amount). The minimum balance on the account must be 1,000 EUR/USD/CHF. 
RepresentationsGeneva, Lugano, Wollerau.
ManagementTelephone, fax, internet banking, email.
Service Rates
  • Account maintenance – CHF 90 per quarter (individuals)
  • CHF 460/year (all inclusive) 
  • Account maintenance – CHF 120 per quarter (legal entities) 
  • CHF 960/year (all inclusive)

Commission for international transfers in USD: from 40 to 750 EUR depending on the payment amount.

For detailed information on rates, you can visit the Bank’s website.

Account Opening Duration3,5 – 4 weeks
Credit/Debit CardsVISA / MASTERCARD PREPAID, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, Travel Cash (anonymous Maestro Card), anonymous Internet Cash (Mastercard). Coverage – double insurance deposit from the amount of the monthly limit (only for credit cards).
Other Banking ProductsFinancial and investment advice. Trust management. Internet trading, mobile banking, opening of Interactive Brokers and FXCM platforms.
Documents for Account Opening
  • Completion of bank forms (prepared by specialists of our company).
  • Originals or notarized copies of the company’s corporate documents.
  • Copy of the internal passport (notarized copy).
Account Opening ProcedureNo need to visit the bank or meet in our office, the entire procedure is carried out remotely. All documents and bank forms can be sent by the Client directly to the Bank. A video conference with the bank’s managers is also conducted.
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