Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone Updates Client Service Terms

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone Updates Client Service Terms

In 2024, Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone (SPC Free Zone) has revised its client service terms. These changes pertain to the specifics of business registration and operations within this free zone, aiming to attract new clients. In this article, we will explore these changes.

Visa Quota

As a result of these changes, SPC Free Zone has introduced the possibility of obtaining an unlimited number of work visas for a registered company.

It is worth noting that in other free zones in the UAE, as well as in mainland companies, there is a concept known as a visa quota. This is the maximum limit of employees a company can hire, which depends on whether the company has a physical office or uses a virtual office.

Office TypeVisa Quota
Physical OfficeDetermined by the office size, calculated at 9 sq. m. per visa.
Virtual OfficeDepends on the chosen registration package in the free zone, usually not exceeding 4-5 visas.

Thus, the ability to obtain a large number of work visas for a company with a virtual office is new to the UAE and aims to provide SPC Free Zone with competitive advantages over other free zones.

NOC for Office Rental Anywhere in the UAE

Typically, the jurisdiction of a free zone is limited to a specific area, and a company’s activities cannot extend beyond this designated zone. These rules also apply to the physical presence of the organisation, requiring the company to have an office within the free zone.

However, SPC Free Zone now issues NOCs (No Objection Certificates) to its clients for renting offices anywhere in the UAE. Notably, a company with such a certificate remains under the jurisdiction of the free zone, regardless of the office location.

This option can be appealing if a client wishes to operate in a specific area or has attractive office options in mind.

Combining Various Activities in a Single Licence

In the UAE, the activities a company engages in must be listed on its licence. There are strict rules regarding the combination of different activities on a single licence.

Generally, regulations allow combining only similar activities on one licence. Mainland companies in the UAE have different licences for trading, service, and manufacturing activities, and combining these under one licence is not permitted.

SPC Free Zone allows up to five different activities, even if they are entirely unrelated, to be included on a single licence. For example, a company can provide consultancy services and trade goods using one licence.

JurisdictionAbility to Combine Activities on a Single Licence
Mainland CompaniesOnly similar activities within categories (trading, service, manufacturing, etc.) can be combined.
SPC Free ZoneUp to 5 different activities can be combined on one licence.


The new client service terms in SPC Free Zone significantly expand the range of products available in the Emirati market. However, the choice of a specific free zone for company registration in the UAE depends on the client’s needs and the nature of their business. Contact us for a free consultation.

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