Uniwide team took part in Asia Offshore Forum Hong Kong 2017


From 31 May to 1 June 2017 the long-awaited 3rd annual forum called Asia Offshore Forum Hong Kong 2017 has been held in Hong Kong – the topline Asian financial center.

More than 150 guests and 30 spokespersons, all of which are the leading experts and authoritative businessmen, arrived to the forum from around the world to discuss the topical issues of Asia's offshore wealth management, succession and residency planning, and corporate structuring, to share their experience and to learn more about how to navigate in the investment, financial and corporate service industries in Asia safely and successfully.

The Uniwide staff was represented at Asia Offshore Forum Hong Kong 2017 as full-fledged participants. Zenabe Daman and Jurgis Naunikas, the experienced professionals and heads of the offices in Latvia and Seychelles answered all the questions received from the visitors of the forum, gave exhaustive advice on the Uniwide company's services and discussed the latest news with the colleagues.

You may find the detailed information of Asia Offshore Forum Hong Kong 2017 at the event organizer’s website.

Uniwide team took part in Asia Offshore Forum Hong Kong 2017
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